For years owners of high performance show horses have wished there was a way to replicate them. The reasons range from developing future champions, protection from loss – even to generate a horse very similar to a loved one. Now there is a way to do it! Key benefits:

  1. Make an identical copy of a top performing horse.
  2. Clone a top champion gelding and stand the cloned stallion at stud based on the donor horse’s show record – the cloned horse passes along the exact same strand of DNA as the original.
  3. Make multiple copies of a top performing mare to increase the capacity of your breeding program.
  4. Double the breeding capacity of a popular stallion.
  5. Create a team of matched horses for Driving Competition.
  6. Copy your “horse of a lifetime”.

Equine cloning is an international phenomenon growing in popularity.  There are currently several hundred cloned horses worldwide across all breeds and disciplines.

We have some interesting stories and photos of the following:
Replica Farm offers sales of fresh/frozen semen from Sapphire,  ET-FRH,  and Dilligaf (not cloned).  Frozen semen available through Shelbourne Farms Stallions.